Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The 2 Seasons of Fall

In my corner of the world, Fall feels like two seasons. The first is my favorite season. It's sunny and colorful, with warm afternoons and cool nights. The landscape gradually shifts from green to gold to red, but the geraniums in my planters and flowers in my garden continue to bloom and I think I have a few afternoons of reading in my hammock left before the second Fall.

Too soon, the trees will lose their leaves; the blue skies will become a nearly color-less shade of gray; and the wind will blow hard and cold. The TV weathermen will mention the possibility of flurries.

At the first sign that the second season of Fall, I wonder if it's time to pull out my new, long, hooded down coat; I know it's time to pull out the flannel top that needs to be quilted; and nothing appeals as much as staying in and curling up with my knitting.

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