Saturday, November 12, 2005

Road Trip

In week 2 of The Artist Way, we're asked to list 20 things we enjoy doing, noting when we did each one last--sounds a little like a blog meme thing, doesn't it?

"Walking on the beach" was one of mine and one of two that I chose to make my goal for the week. When I lived in California, I often went to the ocean when I needed to get away, needed to think or needed to give myself a peptalk and find the courage to do whatever was next. The ocean and the mountains were guaranteed to take me out of myself, away from all distractions and enable me to really see clearly. Since coming to Michigan almost 5 years ago, it is the ocean and the mountains I miss most. Michigan is, without a doubt, filled with its own natural beauty, but I haven't been able to find those special places that do for me what a walk on the beach or a trip to the mountains will accomplish. This week, I was determined to try again.

I drove several hours to get there and when I pulled into the parking lot for the beach, I could hear the surf and it was such a beautiful sound. It made me so happy. The dunes were magnificent and I had the beach all to myself. Still something was missing ... the salt air. I thought about how those special places of mine grabbed the attention of all of my senses and how this place fell short because I missed that mind-clearing, fresh-smelling sea air.

The place was a feast for the eyes--I took lots of photos, including this one, part of a concession stand, closed for the season, which looked like a modern stone henge to me ... and another possibilty for the simple still life.

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Rian said...

I love that top shot. It's a winner.

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