Sunday, November 13, 2005

Simple Still Life: Sophie's (odd) choice

I decided to join the Simple Still Life challenge when, a little over a week ago, I was walking to my truck in the parking ramp and encountered these 5 maple leaves stuck to the back window.

The photo, with that lovely glare of the flash on the window that I never got around to editing out, isn't very compelling, but the actual sight--now only in my head--is the one I choose. It's odd, perhaps because of a couple other interesting 5-object images that have crossed my path since ...

Last weekend, I went for a walk in a local park and loved these benches and scoreboards at a deserted shuffleboard court.

A couple days go I went on a little road trip to a Lake Michigan beach and encountered these 5 concrete slabs next to a closed concession stand:

While I love both of these images, I kept coming back to the badly photographed leaves.


Jen said...

Hi Sophie,
I like all your "five things" photos. My personal favorite is the row of concrete slabs, but the leaves are wonderful too.

I see you are from Lansing. I was in East Lansing many years ago at Michigan State. Its where I met my husband. Jen

Jane Ann said...

Odd numbers make the best composition. Either your camera's eye or your artist's eye is filtering the scenery for you. (Or maybe that Higher Power is putting The Power of Five in your path!)

sophie said...

I was in East Lansing at MSU as a student, too. I left Michigan, after I graduated, in 1975 and returned 5 years ago. I moved to Lansing last year.

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