Monday, November 21, 2005

Artist Way: Week 3 Check-in

I had some problems staying connected to the network yesterday and worked a very long day today ... sorry I'm late with my check-in for week 3.

I completed morning pages 6 out of 7 days--I skipped Friday morning because I was in the office by 6AM to prepare for a meeting (yes, this is what it looks like when a project start to "hot up.")

In response to one of the exercises in week 2, I took my artist to the opera for my Artist Date--I wanted to do something that would be an opportunity to dress up (something I enjoy, but haven't done lately). The opera was La Bohème–the story of those stereotypical starving artists in Paris at the turn of the century.

Synchronicity is alive and well in my life. (Sometimes I wonder if I count on it too much, but so far, whenever I "jump" the net does appear.) When thinking about nurturing friends and how few I've cultivated since leaving the SF Bay Area and moving to Michigan, an especially sweet and supportive email message arrived from a local friend whom I hadn't included in my list :-)

The most significant issue for me so far is the one described in Almost Finished Objects. While I know that I have intellectually put a big, bad monster from my childhood behind me, I have to admit that I am still holding myself back because of the emotion of those experiences.

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Helen said...

Yay for Synchronicity :) Glad you had a wow moment on the UFO's too. Isn't it amazing how the block can dissolve by just recognising it for what it is. My pal once said to me of his monsters... "I invite them in and offer them to sit down and have a cup of tea". They then look a bit surprised and rather deflated I guess!

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