Saturday, November 12, 2005

Chihuly in Kalamazoo

Yesterday, I went to the Kalamazoo Institute of Art for the Chihuly in Kalamazoo show. Dale Chihuly creates larger-than-life installations composed of many, many pieces of hand-blown glass. This lapis and chartreuse tower was in the lobby of the museum.

The glass is magnificent and each installation is so well lit that the glass seems to glow from within.

I arrived at the museum at the same time as a school-bus-ful of young field-trippers. I feared the worst, but actually loved eavesdropping as their guides asked them to identify the organic shapes.

The nature of most of the installations made them difficult to photograph without losing the glow and irridescence of the pieces.

One of the favorites among the kids and adults alike was a room constructed with a glass ceiling. The ceiling was covered with glass pieces and lit from above. Here's what I got when I pointed my camera up:

There were two installations in the courtyard: a huge blue "chandelier" supported by three steel legs and a field of 10' tall bright red reeds. The show will be there until January 1. I want to go back and see those reeds frosted with snow.


Jane Ann said...

Dale Chihuly's work absolutely astounds me. I hate the way this sounds (Vegas not being known as a cultural center--though I suppose it has a certain artistry), but have you seen the ceiling of the Bellagio lobby? It takes my breath away. I KNOW you filled your well in many ways this week. It's good to hear from you--I wondered what you were up to.

sophie said...

I saw a photo of that chandelier. THe KIA commissioned a small one--where small is a relative term--that is a bright orange and yellow ball.

Rian said...

Wow girl, you and your artist have had a busy week! I have seen the "chandelier" at the Bellagio in Vegas and Jane Ann is right, it takes your breath away. I spent a good long time looking at it. There is also a chandelier hanging at the Hilton adjacent to the convention center in Houston where the IQF was. Debra and I were awe-struck by that one as well. Chihuly's stuff is awesome.

Debra Dixon said...

All together now: WOW!

Jen said...

Gorgeous piece, nice photograph. Thanks for sharing it with use. Jen

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