Friday, June 14, 2013

Feathered Feather–Finished

Feathered Feather
Two posts in a day because ... I finished the feathered feather table runner.

It measures 15 by 27 inches and is a perfect fit for the tall little table and chairs in the studio ... photos later after the weekend clean-up in the studio.

I super-sized half of the feathers block pattern that was offered on the Shape Moth blog as part of the Forest QAL–I described the process earlier in this blog post–and added a simple border. All the fabrics,  except the FQ I used for the background, came out of my scrap bins.

I had all kinds of silly fun when I decided to put quilted feathers inside the sections of the feather and added a large scale McTavish-ish fill pattern in the background.

I added the piped binding because it seemed like a perfect opportunity for more practice with the technique and, as we all know, practice makes perfect  ... or, at least, more perfect with each iteration..

Here are some detail photos of the the feathered feather, the swirly girly (my term) free-motion quilting  in the background and the piped binding.

Quilting Detail Detail - piped binding

Tomorrow I begin a new creative adventure of creating something every day. Glen blogged about it here: 365  At first, I thought it was an interesting idea and would be fun to follow along.  Then I downloaded the free peek (kindle version) from Amazon ... and before I knew it, I KNEW what my theme would be and I bought the kindle version of the book, 365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life!

My super-sized quilt block seemed to be a perfect image for the header of the new blog I've created for my #365 project.

(Now that it's quilted and bound, there may be a new banner image on The Daily Feather soon  :-)

The idea of creating something everyday is a bit daunting.  I know that I may fall flat on my face.

If you want to follow along, I'll be posting recaps here or you can follow the Daily Feather at

If you have a #365 project, I'd love to know about it ... and if you don't, it's always a good time to start. I suspect most of my projects will be quilt or fiber related, but you never know where something like this will lead you ...

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Laurina said...

Sophie - can't wait to see what you create every day. What a fantastic way to get motivated. I'm sure your ideas will serve as inspiration (as always). I'm loving the red/white/blue project - looking forward to seeing all of those squares added in.

jednoiglec said...

Your table runner is wonderful! I like that you supersized the pattern. Could you reveal the measurement of your table runner?

Joanna @ ShapeMoth said...

The quilting is a perfect match! Great idea to use part of the Feathers block.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful feather block, nice colors and perfect quilting. I love this!

Béa said...

Very beautiful version and idea, I love. Congrats Sophie XXX

Barbara said...

I love this, Sophie. Very nice work.

M-R Charbonneau said...

Your tablerunner is beautiful, Sophie! I love that feather and the colours you used. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

Paulette said...

Sophie, I just love your feathered table runner! I am intrigued by the 365 project and will be following how it goes for you.

sophie said...

I've updated the post to include the measurements and link back to the description of how I enlarged the block pattern and shuffled the pieces so it could be printed on standard size foundation in my printer.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Lovely work Sophie!

ipatchandquilt said...

Congratulations on your second finish! The are both wonderful! I love the feather!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

Glenda said...

Love love those colours you used in the feather runner Sophie, and it is such fun to be just silly and have fun at times, I do it with my grandchildren too, like going in to the waves fully dressed when it is 32C , or dancing in the rain with them fully dressed when it is 35C painting with them or just playing with fabric on my own. Hugs Glenda

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the feather. Love the IDEA of 365, but I know I don't have time every day to sew something. I was going to do that 365 block-a-day, and some days I just don't get to sew ... sew I won't sign up, but I'll follow your blog!

Sarah Craig said...

I'm so glad you linked up your beautiful feather runner today - it's awesome! Love the colors and the quilting! Whoop whoop!!

roccagal said...

Sophie, what a gorgeous feather! Not silly all to me to feather the feather-it makes PERFECT sense!LOL!
your work is just amazing!

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