Monday, June 10, 2013

Something Old, Something New and Coming Soon, Something Blue

Here's what's on my design wall today.

Design Wall - June 10

The familiar lone star waits on the wall for me to finish the appliqué on the setting triangles and begin to put it together.  After some assembly and the border is completed,  there will be more appliqué–and blue leaves will added to the stems.

The feather at the top of my wall is half of the Feathers block from the Forest QAL.


If you are comfortable with paper foundation piecing (PFP), there have been some amazing blocks in this QAL–mostly I have just followed and admired, but last week, I had the idea of making one of the feathers much larger. The block pattern (which has two feathers) is 12 inches square.  My feather is approximately 12 by 24 inches.

I may have made more work for myself when I decide to enlarge the pattern and keep it printable on 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of leave-in sheets. After printing the block pattern, I cut out the sections needed for this feather and then puzzled them together inside a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch rectangle (which, when enlarged 200% would fit on my foundation sheets). A couple sections were longer than 5 1/2 inches and had to be split and then put back together again.  If you're curious, it looked like this (click to enlarge photos).

playing with paper, scissors and glue laying out the pieces paper foundations laid out to enlarge onto 8.5 x 11 sheets

It's been a while since I played with paper, scissors, glue and puzzles–while, at times, I wondered if I was just making it harder for myself (because I didn't want to have to remove the paper foundations), it still felt like play.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I love the quilt and can't wait to see the rest of it!

Julierose said...

This will be a gorgeous quilt--I love the star flowers and the bias stems...gorgeous work...Julierose

Anonymous said...

I love the blue quilt more each time I see another step finished. The feather looks great!

Julianne said...

A lovely quilt..

Christine Thresh said...

I really like the feather. A whole feather quilt would be nice.

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