Thursday, March 17, 2016

What I did Wednesday

I am still procrastinating the cutting/making of the half-square triangle units I think I want for the border of my mini-Clover Blossom quilt, so I returned to another idea that has been percolating a while and completed this set of little letter blocks. Each block is 3 by 4 1/2-inches (finished size).

Subliminal Alphabet blocks

Cathy suggested that the words I had made from these letters were link "subliminal messaging" and so I have come to think of it as a Subliminal Alphabet.  

Fabrics were pulled from my blue, green and black & white scrap bins.  If you have ever seen a face in an inanimate object or letters where none were intended, you'll understand how I came to create this alphabet from a rectangular log cabin block I pattern I created for the Block Lotto a few years ago.

Constrained by the block pattern and the idea of making each letter unique, some of the letters are admittedly abstracted beyond recognition on their own ... but I think context and the quilting I plan to add will help the viewers brains to connect the dots ... 


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

You made me laugh about seeing faces where none really exist. My mother did that all the time! She would always say, Oh, look. There's another face!

Ahe did that even into the depths of Alzheimers!

Another thing she would do, that drives me crazy even today, is to read the words on license plates. Here in Louisiana we have three letters and three numbers. She would see a word in EVERY three letter combination, no matter how odd or weird.

And she was quite upset with the state when they sent her new car a plate that read MMF!

Anonymous said...

I only had trouble with a few of them, but when they are in order, you can figure it out anyway. What fun you seem to be having.

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