Monday, January 09, 2006

4-way meme

Jules tagged TAW quilters with A new meme.

Four jobs you've had: web designer, development director for a theatre, hatmaker in an opera costume shop, production artist for a winery

Four movies you could watch over and over: The Quiet Man, It’s a Wonderful Life, Ever After, French Kiss

Four places you've lived: Antibes (France), Boston, San Francisco, and Houston

Four TV shows you love to watch: Gilmore Girls, Law & Order, Lost, Project Runway

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Athens (to be a tourist) , Calabasas (to go to a health spa), St. Moritz (to ride in a friend’s glider over glaciers in August) and Vail (to ski)

Four Websites You Visit Every Day: quilting forum, bloglines, google, and my ISP’s site (for email)

Four Of Your Favorite Foods: Roast chicken, mussels, salmon and pears

Four Places You'd Rather Be: on a beach, in a sailboat, in the mountains, in a real city.

Four Albums you can't live without: I don’t really have favorites, so my real answer would be:
Something classical, like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,
Something nostalgic, like the Beatles, “One,”
Some happy world music, like Sukay, Music of the Andes
Some show tunes to sing along to, like South Pacific.

Four People you'll pass this on to: All the Journal Quilts Challengers now have their blogs set up and this is a nice way to practice posting (and getting to know one another), so TAG, you’re ALL it.


Jules said...

Glad I am not the only one to watch Gilmore Girls... You take fun vacations!

sophie said...

I used to take fun vacations--now, I seem to gravitate to quilt festivals. When I was bumped on my flight on Thanksgiving, I told myself that the free ticket I was offered would be used for a non-quilting fun holiday ... destination to be determined.

Debra Spincic said...

Between you and Jules taking the big groups, who else is left to tag? Huh? *wink*

sophie said...

Sorry about that, Debra. (Please don't tell the meme-police :-)

Tonya R said...

Sophie, thanks for sharing your Susan McCord and other Henry Ford quilt pics with me - absolutely fantastic. I so envy you the opportunity to see them in person. Susan must have been a real character.
I like your daisy quilt WIP too.

Jenny Wren said...

You were a production artist for a winery? That's your paper making somehow related to that endeavor? Just seeing the city name of Antibes brings up all sorts of delicious memories...peach gelato, tall masted sailboats, the Picasso musee and the view of the Mediterranae (spelling?) I still practice my French language tapes. It keeps me in those moments, you know? I can certainly imagine you learned a great deal about patience in France, and yet, to vacation there, I made every moment rich and full and didn't hurry a bit (though I was impatient with the deskclerk in the airport in Rome waiting for a connection...)

sophie said...

I have delicious memories of Antibes, too, and also memories of how horrible the local officials could be to ex-pats (predominantly North Africans) who needed that critical stamp on their green card and work permit. They actually moved the waiting area outside--not so pleasant during the rainy winters. I figured out how to PATIENTLY work the system and actually used to go along with other colleagues from work that lived in Antibes when they were having problems.

It's funny you mention the French language tapes, I was just wondering if I could find an alliance francaise group around here to get back into speaking French.

I didn't make paper at the winery, I started making paper at the local art center as an antidote to 60-80 hour work weeks when I was living in Palo Alto and working in a silicon-valley startup. At the winery, I created a lot of print pieces, was the producer of their consumer web sites and did a lot of research and analysis of supermarket scan data.

Jane Ann said...

Too bad we have to communicate silently--I too love to brush up on my French when I can and was recently thinking I'd drag out my tapes. Been thinking a lot about France this week for some reason--especially St. Tropez and Vence/Eze/Monte Carlo. Never made it to Antibes. I love to hear others talk about their experiences though--refreshes my own memories. My husband mentioned just this week he'd like to spend a couple of months there, but he speaks no French (he's from Memphis and has enough trouble with Southern), and thinks he would feel too lost (more likely, not in control).

sophie said...

Jane Ann, maybe you could find a crash course in French for your husband for a week or two and then he'd be more comfortable for the rest of your vaction? I remember there was a school that taught French and cooking in one week courses on the Riviera ... I always thought that would be a great vacation.

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