Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Resolving, Evolving and The Artist Way

In week 7, Julia Cameron asks us to make this line our mantra,

Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong.

What a great bit of timing (and synchronicity!) to receive this reminder when so many are busily creating goals for the year and resolving to do what it takes to achieve them.

I confess that I am more of an evolver than resolver--continually fine-tuning my life as I discover more of what works and what doesn't. Treating myself like a precious object--in the context of diet, exercise, career or creating a balanced life with plenty of time for making things always seems to be the right answer. I read about diets with the same attitude as toward my weekly horoscope--taking them in and seeing if they resonate. For me, if I am mindful, if I am paying attention, if I am treating myself like a precious object, I will eat well, sleep enough, keep moving (and feeling better) ... and CREATE.


Jenny Wren said...

Sophie - Love your comments about treating yourself like a precious object. For some reason, it brings to mind a favorite affirmation, "Have whatever you truly desire." The details go on to say "I believe in abundance. I desire abundance. I receive abundance." It's funny how I can believe this is true about some things, but not the truly personal things I struggle with...when will I let go of those things? Creativity is already yours and action takes many forms. I know you'll appreciate all of its forms!

Jules said...

Sophie, you are so right about treated yourself like a precious object.

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