Sunday, January 22, 2006

Artist Way: week 9 check-in

I did morning pages 6 of 7 days this week.

For an artist date, I spent Saturday morning dyeing at the local art center. I overdyed the failed shibori silk scarf with better results, dyed a large cotton rag rug--I guess I caught the decorating but from Deb--and dyepainted two fat quarters for my stash.
Last week I found myself thinking alot about the image for the winter Art Image Challenge, Drum Bridge at Maguro by Hiroshige (1797-1858). I love this predominarely white landscape and thinking about how to translate some part of it into fabric.

I kept wishing I could get a closer look at those trees and the snow on the trees and mother nature obliged me with a nice bit of synchronicity by way of two snow storms. These pictures are take the day of the first. As I walked between building, I stopped to take these photos.

I had to laugh as i walked through the plaza and realized that many of the elements of Hiroshige's painting exist in my world: the snow covered trees, the bridge, stone wall, the figures walking. Maybe I should reinterpret the painting as a 21st century view of a snow-covered plaza?

I wasn't able to complete all of the exercises this week because of too many long days in the office. I did work through the blasting through blocks questions before beginning my work on the January Quilt Journal page and found it enlightening and refreshing to understand the resentments and fears (aka emotional baggage) I'd already attached to this effort.


Debra Spincic said...

Wonderful jump from the picture to real life--I say Go For It!

Tracey said...

How wonderful that you *realized* that you had all of those elements available to you to view/paint/recreate otherwise. So many people miss out on seeing the beauty *right in front of them.* :o)

Pat/SWquilter said...

I'm still running behind, but plan to check in on Chapter 9 soon I hope. Right now I should be sewing on tri rec swap blocks -must get moving! I like the inspiration for your ArtImage piece this month - and you certainly could do a "real world" interpretation.

cathy said...

I hope you show us your finished Art Image piece. What a wonderful piece to inspire you. You said that you realized that you had those elements available to you. An artist very often sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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