Thursday, March 13, 2014

Smells Like Spring

My followers on Flickr have noticed that my big, male tabby now goes outside on a leash.  Despite the sounds of birds singing all around, he is usually most interested in tasting the various desert plants growing in my backyard.

Until recently he showed no interest in the evergreen pi├▒on trees.  This morning, he couldn't get enough of it and stood on two legs to get a good whiff.

I figure it must smell like Spring.

Johnny's little calico sister, Grace Hopper, still stays inside, stares out the glass door and complains loudly ... but makes it clear there's no way she's going to wear a harness and doesn't really seem to want to go outside herself.

My own reaction to the near arrival of Spring is thinking about unpacking the summer clothing that is packed away and an attraction to spring-colored and themed fabrics like these–part of the latest giveaway from Spoonflower.  (Follow the link to sign up for your own chance to win this Spring FQ Bundle of Spoonflower fabrics.)

I'm joining the link on the Block Lotto–this month's topic is Let's Blog about Spring (or Fall).


QuiltSwissy said...

Cali was like grace Hopper, no way! Whitney was queen and would never have consented either. Chips, the 22 lb half Siamese turkey was totally intimidated by the girls and was already on their short leash!!!

Sheri said...

Sophie, Remember the cat quilt pattern everyone was making on About about ten years ago? I'm desperately trying to find the pattern Do you or someone you know have it? Thanks Sheri

desertskyquilts said...

Always curious what interests a cat! One reason I love them is their independence and that it's impossible to ever really know what they are thinking. =)

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