Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge 2014 - The Show & Tell Linky

Join me for the Tea Towel Challenge 2014As you know, after making ZERO progress on my tea towel quilt, I've decided to do something else, in hopes of priming the creative pump and getting some new insight into my tea towel quilt.  I hope this approach will mean two finished tea towel quilts from me soon ...

I know I'm not alone in my month of tea towel stuckness.  But, while some of us struggle, others have made real progress.  So, for those who are making real progress, here's the Linky for the show & tell for your finished Tea Towel Challenge quilt.

Based on my own stuck February and that of others, I have decided to extend February's Linky for showing your progress and this one, for sharing finished quilts.  These lists are now open as follows:

In-progress:  February 1 - March 31
Show & tell: March 1 - May 31

Please add your links as appropriate for wherever you are in your tea towel journey.  All the Linked lists appear on the Tea Towel Challenge page.

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