Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kitchen Window Meme

Lulu's Bay asked bloggers to share the view from their kitchen window.

View from my Kitchen Window

The view from the window in the kitchen in my townhouse at this time of year is usually one of snow plows and snow blowers and neighbors scraping ice from the windows of their cars in the parking lot. But, between here and the parking lot, the snow is deep and crisp and quite pretty. It has been so cold that there are ice crystals in the snow that sparkle like diamonds when the sun is shining.

To be honest, my "view" more often looks more like the one below. Yesterday, there were birds singing and hopping in the bushes under the window. Johnny and Grace Hopper heard them, too, and came to investigate and frightened the birds before I could take a photo of them.)

The cats enjoying the view

For more kitchen views, check out the list in the side bar of Lulu's Bay. Almost everyone on the list has a much more beautiful view than mine ;-)


Lynda said...

Gorgeous window - especially with the feline additions. I think we will need to run this meme again in the summer - it will be a whole different view. Thanks for taking part. Cheers Lynda

TX Blu Sky said...

The cat silhouettes are nice. The snow is pretty......from a distance! Diane

Sue xx said...

Sitting here in 33c heat I could just dive into that snow. Gorgeous pics.

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