Friday, February 01, 2008

Re-discovering a Sense of Adventure

It's time for my check-in for Week 4 of Walking in the World–it feels good to feel back on track with this. The theme for this week was Discovering a Sense of Adventure; in some ways, I feel that I am RE-discovering it and continue to both look backward and forward, designing a life that brings back the best of what was while continuing to grow in new directions.

Artist Date: I headed to the City Market this week, to explore and have lunch. I'd never been before, probably because I live close to a great produce store/nursery (home of last week's artist's date). I expected some version of the great North Market in Columbus–my favorite place to go for lunch at the NQA show last summer.

Inside North Market

Instead it was small, dark and deserted. I didn't have my camera with me, but I'm not sure there was a shot that wouldn't have been depressing. While I picked up a nice lunch, I left feeling it was an unsatisfying artist date . . . so I went from there to an art supply store and bought my artist some toys: a small sketchbook, new charcoal pencils, a kneaded eraser and some watercolor crayons.

Walk: I'm so glad I made time for the walk on Tuesday. As predicted the weather turned very ugly that night and after two days of bitter cold and windy days, we're now being covered in snow.

Morning Pages: 6 of 7 days. Since various kinds of lists keep appearing in my morning pages, I bought a bunch of blank index cards and keep a couple tucked into my journal to use for those lists of things to buy, things to do, people to call, etc.

The Rest: I notice that when I think in terms of taking baby steps, I make more progress because I'm not overwhelmed by the big changes I want to make. Even the small sketchbook makes the idea of drawing a lot more approachable. I don't have the sketching habit yet, but I managed a handful of sketches this week and really had fun.


Marianne said...

Nice you choose the right moment to go out and the photo is a very strong image. I hope it won't stay cold and snowy for long. We're having a mild winter sofar. I think you're absolutely right about the baby steps, better small things fullfilled than large dreams unfullfilled (is that a word?). I have to apply the same with quilting, sometimes it frustrates me but sometimes looking back I did more with the baby steps than I thought I would.
Maybe we get to see a peek at your sketches one day?

VaNella said...

I think I need to be satisfied with "baby steps" myself. I also would LOVE to see your sketches when you are ready to share.

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