Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yes, miscellanies is really a word.

I haven't blogged much of my progress on Amy's Project Runway-inspired challenges, but I have been inspired by her twist on the challenges the designers on the show face each week and got as far as starting projects for most of them . . . until last week when the designers created garments for the WWE Divas.

Cheetah and Brown Suede FabricsEven Amy's broad interpretation didn't help. I confess I had nothing and was almost ready to concede defeat with this one. Then . . . inspiration struck at the oddest moment, while I was picking up some produce and miscellaneous other stuff at Walmart. So I headed over to the fabric department and found some animal prints for my project. I was thinking leopard fleece and a cozy warm earflap hat, but I found this pair of faux suedes . . . and probably something a little more refined.

In the lull between the storms yesterday, I also made a post office run and picked up more string squares lotto blocks--these are from Hilda, Laurie and Sandy.

String Squares from Hilda, Laurie and Sandy

And another birthday block, this one from Deb.

Bear Paw from Deb

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TX Blu Sky said...

I am envious of your gorgeous birthday blocks! Diane

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