Saturday, February 16, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

FootstepsThis is my check-in for week 6 of Walking in This World.

The theme of this week was Discovering a Sense of Boundaries. One of the tasks was to Recall and Rescue of a project spoiled by indiscriminate input. I immediately thought of this quilt project in progress, how I asked for some input on one aspect early on and opened the door to asking for and receiving the opinions of others and how all that well-meaning collaboration stalled my work on this quilt. Can I rescue this project and complete the quilt? Only time will tell . . . but I'm committed to an attempt.

Morning Pages: 6 of 7 days.

Walk: I had hoped to get closer to the beautiful winter landscape at a nearby golf course, but there was just too much snow. I walked the length of the course along the street.

Golf Course under Snow

Artist's Date
Artist Date

I went to a thrift store in search of a quick project. The cold temperatures and frequent snow storms have me thinking hat these days . . . something warm and beautiful. I thought some wool fiber (or a hat that could be remade) would give me a head start on a new hat.

This mens wool sweater caught my eye and only cost two dollars.

Men's Wool Sweater

Which, after a trip through the washer, looked like this.

After a trip through the washer

The resulting felted sweater is much thicker (and much smaller) than I expected, which required a revision in my design idea . . . I'm now headed in a completely different direction.

The Rest: I have been afraid that our group decision to take a week off will kill my momentum. What an interesting bit of synchronicity to find that the title of the reading for next week is Discovering a Sense of Momentum ;-)

My plan for our extra week is to review some of the tasks I didn't complete in weeks 1-6 and to get a headstart on week 7, since the theme seems to have my name written all over it.


Debbie Z. Lattuga said...

I think your 30's sampler from the blocks we did last year is so wonderful. I thought I didn't like 30's repro's, but your quilt changed my mind. I'm sure you can figure out whether to change those snowballs or not. You might try laying some alternative blocks on top to see if you like them. And maybe you'll find you like those snowballs.

TX Blu Sky said...

That sweater is a great find! I won't find a wool sweater in a thrift store in these parts of Texas. It made me think of that bag pattern you showed me one time, that someone had made from an Old Navy sweater? The design on the sweater is a real gem, congratulations on your treasure!

The white snow just sparkles. I'll do you a favor and not share a picture of the mud lake here from yesterday's rain storms.

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