Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thinking About Personal Territory

This is my check-in for Week 5 of Walking in This World. The theme was Discovering a Sense of Personal Territory. Although this passage refers to artists, I think that it's interesting food for thought for everyone, whether you see yourself as an artist or not.
As artists, we must be alert to what people ask us for and reward us for being. Our partners and friends do condition us in behaviors quite unconsciously. We must be alert to what they reward us for with their thanks and reciprocity. These things condition us and they also are the conditions in which our art will or will not.
It is interesting how much we can learn about our relationships with others by just paying attention.

Artist Date: Mother nature foiled my planned artist date this week; going forward, I need a foul weather back-up plan.

Walk: I bundled up and walked around the downtown of a small town near me, in search of a bakery and paczki–a Fat Tuesday treat in the Polish tradition. (I forgot my camera, this photo courtesy of Sheri's blog, Northern Quilter.)

Morning Pages: Every day ;-)

The Rest: I dragged my feet this week, in denial of ways some people in my life have invaded my personal territory.

Our WiTW study group has decided to add an extra week into our weekly adventure. Our goal is to be collectively ready to begin Week 7 on February 22.

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Christine Thresh said...

Those look good. I clicked on the link and learned something new.

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