Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fiber Arts Fiesta!

Art Makes My World Go RoundSaturday, I drove to Albuquerque to check out the Fiber Arts Fiesta, a show created by 16 guilds and groups across the fiber spectrum... and many vendors to supply your every fiber need (an desire).

For many of the exhibiting artists and visitors, the sentiment on this mixed media piece by Judith Roderick is true: Art Makes My World Go Round.

I will blog about some of my favorites this week, but here's a taste of some of the  knits, rugs, weaving, lace, crochet, polymer clay, beadwork, and quilts that caught my eye.

Use the links under the mosaic to go to the original photos on Flickr and read the credits.

You can see all my snaps from the day in my Flickr set: Fiber Arts Fiesta 2013.


1. Detail from REDheArts, 2. Sew, What Do you Think?, 3. Forest Mink, 4. Sweater Cardigan, 5. Sweater Cardigan, 6. Dad and His Model A Ford - Detail, 7. My Raven: A Healing Rug, 8. Octagonal Floral/Hit-or-Miss - Detail, 9. Detail from Window Box Challenge, 10. Dia de los Muertos, 11. Audra's Star, 12. Cracked Ice, 13. Made with Love - Detail, 14. Night Flowers 2, 15. Trip Around New Mexico, 16. Paper Shredder Quilt, 17. Complementary Colors, 18. Storm at Sea - Dance of the Gulls - Detail, 19. Draggon Blossom - Detail, 20. The Value of Water, 21. Music in the Canyon, 22. Dandelions - Detail, 23. African Aviary Tryptych - Detail, 24. Cherry Blossoms, 25. Mariner's Sunrise - Detail, 26. Thanks, Friends, 27. Sculptured Peanut Can, 28. Dot Drake Display, 29. Long Beach Sand & Sea, 30. Flor Da Corda, 31. Study in Red & White - Detail, 32. Red-Fire of the South-Recognition - Fengshui Series, 33. Skyscape, 34. Black Neon Square - Fractured Square Series, 35. Bobbin Lace Lizard, 36. Firebird


Terri said...

OMG! Sophie those are wonderful pictures and such an interesting show. I went to your flickr show and was amazed. Thanks for sharing your experience, and a close up in a lot of cases. So inspirational.

Kate North said...

Very jealous. Looks like great fun.

Renee said...

I made it to the Fiber Fiesta as well, though didn't take any photos. Some of those quilts were just SO awesome. I think my favorites were the landscape...but after seeing your photos, it is hard to say. :-)

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