Friday, May 31, 2013

More Favorites from Albuquerque

If this group of quilts have a theme, it's the spectacular stitching.  First up is A Trip Around New Mexico by Ardith Alumbaugh, Albuquerque.  It was quilted by Leona Van Leeuwen.    As you might guess from the dates at the bottom, last year was New Mexico's centennial.

Trip Around New Mexico

There's a lot to like about this quilt, but it was the quilting around the silouttes that made it one of my favorites.

Trip Around New Mexico - Detail Trip Around New Mexico - Detail
Trip Around New Mexico - Detail Detail from Trip Around New Mexico

For me one of the best things about seeing quilts alive and in person is noticing all the small details.  Speaking of small, this was the winner in the Miniature category, Cherry Blossoms by Barbara Deshler, of Albuquerque.

Cherry Blossoms

Inside those perfectly stitched sashiko stitches sections, there are machine quilted feathers.

Cherry Blossoms - Detail

This quilt, It's Spring by Norma Jean Koelm of Albuquerque, won the hand quilting award and the stitching is lovely ...

It's Spring

... but it's the use of color that made it special for me. 

It's Spring - Detail

I think the thread painting in the next quilt, Boomer  by Jodi Scaltreto of Hillsboro, NH, is some of the best I've seen.


This technique is on my list of things to try  ... one day.   The detail on this dog was amazing. 

Boomer - Detail

In honor of Hexie Friday and my own new-found fascination with English paper piecing, I'll finish with this interesting arrangement of hexies, Union Jack Quilt by Cindy L. Kurey of Albuquerque.

Union Jack Quilt

I thought it was a clever arrangement and one I haven't seen before. As a lover of scrap quilts, I enjoyed a close look at all the different fabrics that the quilter used in her hexies.

Union Back Quilt - Detail

You can see all my photos of the quilt (and weaving, knitting, hooking, etc) from Fiber Arts Fiesta 2013 here.

I'm adding this post to the linky party for Weekend Update on the Block Lotto.  Join me! 


Hilachas said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of quilts from my native state. Those are such talented seamstresses.

Angie in SoCal said...

Great quilts. I so love to see quilts from shows I couldn't attend. LOL and there are a lot of them. Love that hexie one! And thanks for linking to It's Hexie Friday, Sophie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I really like the first one!

Rosa said...

These projects are spectacular.Thanks for the pics!

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