Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surprise! That Was Easy!

I mentioned the oopsy in the placement of some of the diamonds in my red-blue-cream lone star the other day. Here's a closer look.

Oops - One strip reversed

I wasn't all that confident about my ability to remove a strip of 4 diamonds from the middle of the piece, flip it around and put it back correctly, but ripping it out was easy.

Bad Strip removed

(Sorry, this photo was taken at a different angle)

And it went back together surprisingly fast ... and (almost) lining things up and re-sewing the inset seams was pretty easy, too.

All Better

Looking at all those OLD seams in the old UFO gave me some insight into why the lone star is not flat ... which may be a good argument for finishing projects when you start them so you never have the opportunity to see those old not-exactly-a-quarter-inch seams ;-)

I'm joining Esther for WOW (WIPS on Wednesday) and Leah's WIP Wednesday on Freshly Pieced.


Emily said...

I haven't made a Lone Star yet but I'm sure I will now that I've seen your beautiful patriotic version and I've moved to Texas :)

Wendy said...

Your Lone Star quilt is very pretty.

Jo said...


What a brave move, but it totally paid off as it looks brilliant

Anonymous said...

It looks great fixed, but I honestly didn't see that it looked awful not fixed. Maybe if I'd seen the whole thing. Good for you for taking a chance, though!

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