Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moving Furniture and English Paper Piecing

Ceiling RepairI didn't discover the leak in the upstairs bathroom last month until water came spilling through the downstairs ceiling and onto a piece of antique furniture, creating a lot of damage in its path.

This morning, I was up early and moving all the furniture in the dining/living area to the far end of the room before the repair people arrived to scrape and tape and screw and plaster and paint my "pregnant" ceiling back to normal.

When a test of the matching paint didn't match, the decision was made to repaint the entire ceiling.  Tomorrow morning, I'll be up early again and moving as much of the furniture as I can past the construction mess,  through the kitchen and into the studio to make it as quick and easy for the painter to finish.

While they worked today, I sat in the corner, watched and learned, and made some progress stitching blue diamonds on the star flower tea cozy project.

Almost Ready

Eight more diamonds and I'll be ready to quilt it and turn it into a tea cozy.

I"m sharing my progress on Hexie Friday.


Gail in Vegas said...

The tea cozy is looking beautiful! I meant to take some photos of my mini hexes to show you before taking the paper out but I forgot. They will soon become a mini quilt of civil war era reproduction fabrics. I don't sew the fabric to the paper either and the paper popped out easily (with tweezers!) after I ironed the hexes.

Angie in SoCal said...

Wow, Sophie - that is turning out great - love your fabric you're putting together for the tea cozy. Sorry about your ceiling - sounds like you have it under control.

Barbara said...

Sorry about the leak. Been there. You have my sympathy.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a mess! Hope you take a nap after all the furniture moving. Your hexies look great and I love that you are doing a dark background. That's the most fun about doing projects together is seeing what other color ways you can use.

Helen Wahl said...

BEAUTIFUL pattern! I love the colors too! I might have to try it. I love hand sewing. I hope the damage is repaired soon....I feel your pain. We are hoping to be back in our home in 2 weeks.

-Helen Wahl

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