Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Plan for the Star Flowers

Here's my plan for a small project for the English paper pieced Star Flowers - a tea cozy for my everyday tea pot. 

The Plan

If you're paying attention, you might notice that I put together three more little star flowers last night for the other side.  I wonder how long this Hexie Fever will last?  While I was stitching, I wondered how long it would take to make 500 flowers–my wild guess at how many I'd need for a large bed quilt. 

LittleDaisyBlockI also noticed how similar these sweet little blocks are to the little Daisy blocks I pieced on the machine in January, the only different being one was six points and the other eight.  Isn't it interesting how we are attracted to variations of the same shapes and motifs over and over again?

For the curious, the pattern for my tea cozy started with measuring the height and width of the pot, adding some allowance for batting, quilting, shrinking and cutting two squares of newsprint.

Making the PatternI added some curves at the top to follow the shape of the bamboo handle, then pinned the two sheets together for a quick fit check.

Next up: adding hexagons to fill and extend the background ... but first, I need to ignore the siren's call to sit and stitch hexies and make some progress on the free motion quilting in those checkerboard spaces.



Anita said...


Terri said...

OMG there is no keeping up to you! I made another flower with my hexies last night... so I'm up to four. C'est la Vie! I might make a doll quilt with mine, or keep on going to a baby girl sized quilt. Who knows.
Yours are lovely, and I love the tea cozy idea.

Julierose said...

I love your stars! So pretty--I've only ever done hexies that way...interesting work...Julierose

Wilma Lee said...

Neat idea!!! You are keeping busy!!

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