Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Best of Show

Have you been wondering when I was going to get around to sharing the big winner from Fiber Arts Fiesta?  Here is the Best of Show winner, Little Slice of Heaven on Earth, by Susan Bowman.

A Little Slice of Heaven on Earth by Susan Bowman

This is another really small quilt, although it is in the medium art quilt category, I remember it as being smaller than some of the "small" art quilts, which were approximately the same size as the traditional miniatures. I'm sure there's a historic reason for the inconsistent size labels (and I figure if I blog about it, someone will tell me what it is . . .  )

A Little Slice of Heaven on Earth by Susan Bowman - DetailThis quilt was filled with 3-dimensional details and interesting materials.  The artist's description from the program simply says, "Pieced, appliquéd, embellished, painted."

A Little Slice of Heaven on Earth by Susan Bowman - Detail

Updated to add this link to the guidelines after reading the first comment. If you look at the measurements given, a "miniature" can actually be larger (up to 50 inches around) than a small art quilt (which is less than 40 inches). I suspect this quilt was right at the edge of the small/medium Art quilt border which put it in the same size range as the miniatures.  There are other criteria besides size for each of the categories, but I still find the inconsistencies distracting.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Hmm...there should be dimensions in each category I would think.

It is a great piece.

Linda in Arkansas said...

No I wasn't wondering about Best in Show - I was just enjoying all the quilts. It's been wonderful to come here and enjoy them all. However, now that I see the Best in Show, I'm impressed. What an amazing about of detail.

Terri said...

Love the 3-D effects - especially the fairies.

Anonymous said...

That was close to my thought, that one of the measurements was larger than it could be for the small category. I like this quilt, but it must have been really something in person to receive best of show. I think that's got to be a hard determination to make when so many wonderful and beautiful quilts are involved.

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