Saturday, June 27, 2015

One more - Lovely Quilting

This quilt, Tree of Life, by Wendy Garrison, won second place in the Medium Art quilt category at Fiber Arts Fiesta that took place last month in Albuquerque.

Tree of Life by Wendy Garrison

I loved the combination of classic quilting designs with the art quilt elements of paint, beading and a layered organza technique to create the trapunto.

I didn't love that the organizers decision to hang this round quilt (with it's black sleeve at the top to allow it to be hung at the show) in front of a pale gray drape.  Both black and gray drapes were used at the show ... so why not hang this quilt on a black background section?   I know the pale gray drapes are a new trend at shows, but because they show every wrinkle and dirty smudge, I don't understand why.

Tree of Life by Wendy Garrison - Detail
In this detail photo, you can see some of the paint, beading and organza layer used to create the trapunto tree.

I have long admired quilts which have paint/dye added after the quilting.  I really loved the effect in the leaves of the tree.

Now that I am a bit more confident in my free motion quilting ... I might have to push myself to feel at the fear and try this technique anyway.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites you've shown. I just love the quilting.

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