Friday, June 05, 2015

Familiar Names and Faces

Each day this month I am sharing some of my photos and observations from Fiber Arts Fiesta 2015.

When I attended Fiber Fiesta two years ago, I hardly knew any New Mexico quilters and I had not yet found and joined the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild.  This year, there were lots of familiar names from the New Mexico quilting community–some of whom I have come to know.

This quilt is Picnic, by Julee Coffman.  I met Julie last year, through the guild, and saw this quilt at our guild show last fall, just as I was finishing my Mad Mad, Mod Mod Sampler Quilt, which I think shares a similar look and feel. 

Picnic by Julee Coffman

This quilt is also a good illustration of a thought that ran through my head quite a bit while walking through the show: among quite a few great modern quilts in the show, very few earned ribbons in their category.

Picnic by Julee Coffman - DetailLynne Horpedahl quilted this quilt. While talking with Lynne about how I wanted my Mod-mod sampler quilted last year, I used it as an example of the density and style I thought would work for my quilt, too.

As always, quilt shows are a great source for quilting ideas.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

It does look very similar! I like yours better because it appears more together and has continuity. this one seems so....well, random.

Marie Joerger said...

I love this series you are doing Sophie!!
Great to see all the beautiful quilts :)
Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see what the rest of the month brings :)

Anonymous said...

At least the quilts are in the show. The ribbons will come in time, I imagine. What I saw at our local show was that traditional and modern are sharing about 50-50, both in space and in ribbons.

Christa said...

Love your series, especially with your comments. Another chance for me to learn! Thanks!

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