Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Small Quilt Confusion

As a visitor I found it a bit confusing that the smallest traditional quilts at Fiber Arts Fiesta were called Miniatures, but the same sized art/pictorial quilts were called Small.  This is Not Quite 50 Shades of Gray, by Lynn Rogers.  It was the winner of the category for small art/pictorial quilts.

Not Quite 50 Shades of Gray by Lynn Rogers
Not Quite 50 Shades of Gray by Lynn Rogers - Detail

Photos of black and white quilts never seem to capture their in-person beauty.  This is a striking quilt alive and in person.

I especially appreciated the quilting design.

Another monochromatic quilt in this category, Backyard Turtle, by Mary Mattimoe, won a Judge's Choice ribbon.

Backyard Turtle by Mary Mattimoe

There were some more colorful, more abstract quilts in this category.  This modern mini, Beautiful Surprise, by Debbie Rogulich was the second place winner.  

A Beautiful Surprise by Debbie Rogulich

This is another of my daily posts during the month of June, in which I am sharing my photos and thoughts from the Fiber Arts Fiesta that took place in Albuquerque last month. 


Cathy said...

I can certainly see why the first two received ribbons but I'm not sure why the second place winner is a winner. I just can't figure out some of these "modern" quilts or why the attraction. I guess because I'm not a modern woman!

Anonymous said...

Interesting terminology, to be sure. I think judge's choice ribbons should be blue. =) All lovely quilts, in different ways

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

those black and whites are stunning!

Karen Ackva said...

The black and white "small" quilts are very stunning. I wonder why they call them small and miniature but are the same size. Hmm. Thank you for sharing. I am curious to start with art quilts.
Hugs, Karen

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