Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hearts & Sparks

It was probably because I had recently made these sweet 6-inch heart blocks for the February block lotto. (The pattern is here.)

Heart #1 Heart #2 Heart #3
Heart #6 Heart #4 Heart #5
Heart #7 Heart #8 Heart #9

Yesterday in a forum discussion on, about what someone might make from a stack of 6-inch squares, people starting talking about the Disappearing 9-Patch and Christine suggested including 6-inch quilt blocks into the mix. The idea sparked for me. I immediately thought of the heart blocks.

I woke up thinking about the idea. I had to try it. But first I had to make more heart blocks.

Red Heart Blue Heart
Green Heart Purple Heart

As soon as the blocks were made, the rest was easy peasy.

Disappearing 9-Patch with Pieced Blocks.

Step-by-step photos and directions blogged here.

Until Christine mentioned it, I had never considered the D9P as a setting. She sparked all kinds of ideas for me now. But first I think I'll do some floral stash busting and make a colorful little hearts & flowers quilt that I know a little girl will love.


Laurie said...

WOW...thank you so very much for this great idea! I have 2 wedding quilts to make and this will be PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will use neutrals for the hearts and colors of the couple's choice for the other squares. GREAT IDEA!!! I am just loving this disappearing 9P idea!

Lori in South Dakota said...

The hearts in different colors are really appealing. Oh boy, another project waiting to be made! 'Course, this way I could use up lots of odd pieces of stash!

The Calico Cat said...

I can't tell you how many times I have thought to use D9P with cat prints to make a quilt similart to the one you showed!

Randi said...

Very cute!

TX Blu Sky said...

It treats my eyes to a fresh and spring-like feeling. I look forward to seeing more of this one!

Debbi said...

I love your idea! Had to copy it and give it a fun, and happy I think. You can see my creation on my blog.

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