Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Plan for Birthday Bear Paws

The third of nine anticipated Bear Paw blocks arrived last week; this one from Becca (on the left).

Another recent arrival was a new idea on how to use those 9 blocks. I'm thinking of an on-point setting with appliquéd Spinning Tulips (on the right) as the alternate block.

Becca's Bearpaw Block Whirling Tulips for Diane

I made Spinning Tulip block in the photo for Diane for a Birthday Block swap in 2002. I'm not sure what made me think about using this block with the bear paws but, once the idea hit, I had to find my photo so I could put them side by side . . . and consider it.

After some major computer excavation (which came with lots of distraction as old files and photos prompted a bit of nostalgia), I found it on a backup disk along with the rest of the blocks I made for the swap. I think they came from the period of time when I was finally confident about my appliqué skills because more than half the blocks I made for the birthday girls that year were needle-turned appliqué.

African Squiggle for Shaka Unicorn for Vicky Bird and Cat for Jessica

Morning Glory for Sue Ginko Leaves for Diana Kokopelli for Stacy

Coneflowers for Jeri Calico Tom for Deb

What a bit of synchronicity to find all these photos of appliqué blocks I while I'm thinking I need a meditative needle-turned project. The Spinning Tulips block could be a perfect fit for my mood and . . . for my quilt.

I added photos of all the blocks from this year to my Birthday Blocks set on Flickr. (There were a couple of cute pieced blocks from that year, too ;-)


TX Blu Sky said...

I just tried calling you to tell you how much I love the tulips with the Bear's Paws! My two favorite blocks in one quilt, well I guess I'm a bit biased.

I am remembering some of the old nostalgia blocks you posted. I remember the organic inspired one for sure. I love the cat, I think I remember that one. I sure hope someone has a beautiful quilt with those blocks we made! Oh, who am I to talk, your tulip has inspired me though!
I can smell the garlic bubble bread, the kids have been drooling since I started rising it awhile ago. Diane

lj_cox said...

Oh my goodness! That would be so beautiful. You come up with the best ideas for quilts, IMO.

Kate North said...

Those are some amazing applique blocks - and now that I see your tulip block I can more accurately imagine how they'll go with the bear paws and I really like it. Wish i could do applique so well...

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