Monday, January 12, 2009


Flags Blowing in the Breeze
Last week, when I saw these billowing flags from my window, I had no idea to which building they were attached.

It turns out they are the three flags that fly in front of city hall. This is the view from city hall, looking toward my building (and some others).

View from City Hall

As I drive to new places and back home again, I realize that one advantage of living downtown is that if I get turned around, I can always point myself toward the skyscrapers ;-)

Call me gullible, but today, once again, I trusted google maps to find me a nearby US Post office and instead I ended up at an empty building.

Not A  Post Office

It wasn't a wasted walk–I wanted to find those flags; the friendly mail services people inside city hall mailed my letter; and I stopped in to check out another neighbor.

The Dallas Library

There was a display of hats on the fine arts floor from a recent product of Crowns, and an author is speaking tomorrow that looks interesting. I think I'm going to like living in the neighborhood.


Christine Thresh said...

Amazing. You go to a wholesale warehouse and get a bag of cat food. You go to city hall and they mail your letter.
What is next?

sophie said...

... a job, I hope ;-)

Christine Thresh said...

If your pattern holds -- you should go to a place in the city where there are absolutely NO jobs. You are sure to find one there.

Sheri said...

It sounds like your feeling better? I hope so, and that you find a job soon

TX Blu Sky said...

Is that fountain at City Hall? It looks similar to the one by the Belo building, where Tony is working until his office space in Plano is completed, anyway!

swooze said...

Hi. I am in Mesquite. Also looking for a job!

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