Friday, January 09, 2009

I See Quilts in the Sidewalks of Dallas

Quilters see quilt designs everywhere--that's nothing new. So I shouldn't have been surprised, when I decided to escape the boxes for some fresh air this morning and started seeing quilts in the sidewalk.

The first quilty sidewalk I saw Heart blocks in the Sidewalk
Another quilty sidewalk

I'm sure this was part of some interesting public art project–I'll have to find out . . . or maybe someone will leave a comment and tell me what it's all about it. Whatever it is, I like it. It was a kind of dreary, wet morning and finding these gems in the side walk was delightful.

I see quilt blocks in side walks

I liked this one enough to take a close up of the "block." Wouldn't this be a fun block to hand-piece?

A single "quilt block"

But back to my walk . . . I was headed to a cafe whose menu was included in the welcome packet for my loft. I got walking directions from googlemaps, consider the public transportation option, but decided to put off learning DART for another day, and was on my way, walking.

My printer is still in a box, so I didn't have a printed map or directions and at some point, I wasn't sure I had gone the right way. I passed a familiar landmark, the Mosaic Building, where I had met the realtor who had helped me find the loft. I decided to stop for coffee at the Opening Bell, where I was already a regular and in their system, and make sure I was headed in the right direction . . . plus their Carmel Latté is as good as the Carmel Marvels I used to inhale on a regular basis at Beaners in Michigan.

The Mosaic Building Opening Bell Cafe

With reassurances and caffeine in hand, I continued toward my goal . . . I passed the Dallas Museum of Art–and was thrilled to realize I live within walking distance.

Dallas Museum of Art

And then I found the corner of the advertised cafe, where I saw, not a quaint cafe, but a monolithic office building.

My Destination

The cafe was across the street . . . in the ground floor of a smaller office building. My breakfast, a spinach and cheese quiche, was lovely. My walk home deviated slightly, enabling me to find another quilt block in the sidewalk–this month's lotto block, Bow Tie, in Lincoln Plaza.

Lincoln Plaza

Here's the "block" and one that I hand-pieced for the lotto in my motel room on New Year's eve.

Bow Tie Block in the Sidewalk at Lincoln Plaza Bow Tie Block #4

My "knot" is smaller, but the block is the same ;-)

I thought this sidewalk art was pretty interesting too, even if it doesn't bring to mind traditional quilt blocks.

More interesting sidewalk

It's part of Pegasus Plaza. Here's a larger view.

Pegasus Plaza


Centergranny said...

Lucky you, so near to the Museum! It looks like you are familiarizing yourself quickly.

Kim D. said...

Hi Sophie, Thanks for posting on my blog. I'll post the recipe for the bran muffins later today or tomorrow. It looks like you've picked a great area to live. Love those quilt blocks in the concrete. I have a brother-inlaw who owns his own concrete company. He has one of those huge curb & gutter machines. I wonder if I could talk him into coming down and putting in a quilty sidewalk for me.

Debra said...

Great sidewalks! Nice walking tour!

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