Friday, January 02, 2009

On the Hunt

Since my arrival, I've been on the hunt . . . for a new job and a new home. Last weekend, my blogless friend Jonna took me on a tour of some interesting Dallas neighborhoods to help me become familiar with the area. I had to stop and take a photo of this gift-wrapped house on Swiss Avenue.

Gift-wrapped hour on Swiss Ave in Dallas

I've since made a couple of trips downtown on my own to look at apartments and lofts. I was so thrilled the first time I managed to successfully navigate on my own back to the neighborhood with the gift-wrapped house that after I finished looking at a few apartments, I celebrated by seeking out the Dallas Farmers Market. I was on the hunt for fresh veggies and lunch.

Dallas Farmers MarketIt was New Year's Eve, a very quiet day in the city and at the Farmers Market.

But a few produce dealers were there and their stalls were filled with beautiful fruits and veggies the likes which I hadn't seen in Michigan since September.

I also found yummy tamales for lunch.

I wasn't looking for flowers (and there's really no place for them in the motel) but there were some lovely ones at the market. They made me look forward to finding a home and putting my dining table back together–did I mention that the movers disassembled much of my furniture in Lansing?–and buying fresh flowers.

And yes, the sky was really this blue and it was a beautiful warm sunny day. Mother Nature has been very kind to me since my arrival in Texas.

Farmers Market Produce Stall Flowers at the Farmers Market

The view of downtown from the Farmer's Market:

City View from Dallas Farmers Market

I saw more interesting downtown views today, when I drove into the city to meet with a realtor to look at lofts and apartments . . . OK, maybe not SO interesting . . . this would be a photo of the Cotton Bowl, if the fog hadn't rolled in.

Cotton Bowl through the fog)

The whole city wasn't shrouded in fog, though, so it was still pretty interesting out on that balcony.

View from Manor House Balcony

We spent almost three hours looking at great living spaces–I could easily live in any of the places we saw today. Decisions, decisions . . .


Christine Thresh said...

This is so interesting. I love stories about adventures.
I'll check in every day to see what you are doing.
Best wishes for a good new year.

Sheri said...

Sounds great there. Especially the weather! Glad to hear you and the kitties made it safely.
Hope your new life down there is great.

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