Sunday, June 07, 2015

Another Winning Quilt Made by a Friend

I am continuing to share photos and idea, each day this month, from Fiber Arts Fiesta which was held in Albuquerque May 23-25.

This is Suns and Moons, made by another talented friend/Long Armer, Lynne Horpedahl.

Suns and Moons by Lynne Horpedahl

It placed third in the category Large Innovative Pieced and/or Appliqu├ęd quilt.  I love the colors and the fabulous quilting.

Suns and Moons by Lynne Horpedahl - DetailSuns and Moons by Lynne Horpedahl - Detail

Another of Lynne's quilts in the show also won a third place ribbon, in the Medium Art quilt category for How Does My Garden Grow?

How My Garden Grows by Lynn Horpedahl

Here's a closer look at the embellishment and quilting. 

How My Garden Grows by Lynn Horpedahl - DetailButtons seem to be growing in popularity as an embellishment ... I wonder if its a regional thing or a national trend?

Have you noticed more buttons on quilts?

Have you added more buttons to your quilts?


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Suns and Moons was one of my very favorite quilts at the show! The color placement is fantastic and the quilting is over the top! I came back to stare at this one often! :)

I noticed a lot of buttons on quilts too! I have never put buttons on my quilts but I have to admit it added a very nice touch to the quilts at the show.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

These are both beautiful quilts and the quilting is just wonderful. I spent quite some time a the show looking at the "How Does My Garden Grow" and then came back later and looked at it some more. I did love all the buttons. I have not done much embellishing on quilts I have made but maybe I should as it sure is a nice addition.

Gail in Vegas said...

I see buttons on new quilt patterns and as embellishments for tote bags, cosmetic bags, lunch bags. With a nice button collection, I enjoy using buttons to brighten up a project but not quilts that are going to be used, especially by children. Wall hangings are my favorite thing on which to go crazy with buttons.

A Nudge said...

Those are two great quilts, Sophie. I love Lynn's use of buttons. Thanks for sharing.

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