Sunday, June 14, 2015

More Trees (Grown From Thread)

Here is another of the quilts I loved from the Fiber Arts Festival that took place in Albuquerque last month. This is Waterfall Mesa by Laura Gilmartin.

Waterfall Mesa by Laura Gilmartin

These are the colors of the landscape that I fell in love with here.

This quilt won second place in the category for Small Art or Pictorial quilts–small in this category seemed to be equivalent to miniature for traditional pieced and appliquéd quilts. I know size is relative but it seemed odd to me that the size categories weren't consistent across all quilt categories.

Waterfall Mesa by Laura Gilmartin - Detail
Here is a closer look at the some of the details.  I love how crooked bits of fabric with a zig-zaggy stitching can suggest shrubby piñon trees.

Laura had several quilts in this style/category.

Below is Jemez Mesa.

Jemez Mesa by Laura Gilmartin

Tent Rock Canyon, below, was the third place winner in the category.

Tent Rock Canyon by Laura Gilmartin

Here's a closer look at the figure and more trees.

Tent Rock Canyon by Laura Gilmartin - Detail


Terri said...

Thanks for sharing those, Sophie. Lovely landscapes. There you have such beautiful inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these and the previous one. The stitching is amazing, and the colors make me homesick. =)

Jacqueline said...

Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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