Thursday, June 25, 2015

Beautiful Quilting

Today's quilt from last month's Fiber Arts Fiesta in Albuquerque is Over, Under and Around by Krysyna Swirdczuk. If won the award for Best Machine Quilting.

Over, Under and Around by Krysyna Swirdczuk

I loved the idea of adding the red cording to this whole cloth quilt, along with more traditional trapunto.  Of course, the quilting was wonderful.  It was entered in the large, innovative quilts category.  I think it is, in some ways, a modern take on the whole cloth quilt. 

Over, Under and Around by Krysyna Swirdczuk - DetailOver, Under and Around by Krysyna Swirdczuk - Detail

The individual quilting designs could be considered quite basic.  Combining them with the celtic knot designs (with trapunto for emphasis) and using the red cord to define the interlocking circles elevates those basic quilting shapes.

Over, Under and Around by Krysyna Swirdczuk - Detail

Did you noticed the knotted cording at the edge? 


Susan Rascone said...

Wow ! I love your pictures of this show. Thanks

QuiltSwissy said...

This is totally awesome! Sometimes I have some of these ideas but then I think they are stupid. I guess I need to just do it and see how they fly! LOL

Terri said...

Thanks for mentioning the knotted cord. I'd never have noticed. It is a striking quilt.

Anonymous said...

Now that is an amazing quilt! The thought of applying all that cording makes my stomach hurt. ;)

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