Thursday, June 04, 2015

Side by Side Comparisons

Each day this month, I am sharing photos and observations from the Fiber Arts Fiesta which took place in Albuquerque, May 21-23, 2015.

Identical twins, separated at Birth?  On the left is Hilda Bakke's quilt Summer Dreaming. On the right is Brits Gone Moderne by JoAnne Fredrickson. They are both from the large, innovative quilt category.

Summer Dreaming by Hilda BakkeBrits Gone Moderne by JoAnne Fredrikson

Multiple, similar quilts are another one of those things that inevitably happens at shows.  It's interesting to me to notice whether or not the quilt show organizers decide to hang them together.  At some guild shows, I have seen a half dozen of the same quilt–often made in the same workshop or class from similar fabrics–hung side by side by side. These quilts were separated at the show ... when I encountered the second one, I wondered for an instant if maybe I had circled back and already seen the quilts in that area.  Side by side, it's easy to see how different they are. 

The quilts have different dimensions, proportions and borders, but I think the real difference is in the quilting design. If you click the images, it will take you over to Flickr, where you can click again to zoom in and see the quilting.  I also took some detail photos ... no surprise, right? 

JoAnne's quilt has relatively sparse custom quilting, by Patti Lueker and Shirley Barter. Hilda, who is also sometimes known as a the Panto Queen,  quilted her quilt with an allover, modern panto design. 

Here are details of Hilda's Panto quilting (on the left) and JoAnne's quilt (on the right). 

Summer Dreaming by Hilda Bakke - Detail Brits Gone Moderne by JoAnne Fredriksson - Detail

FYI, I don't believe these quilt were made together in any sort of workshop.  In the descriptions in the program, Hilda says her design was inspired by a quilt she saw online and JoAnne says only that it is Original by JoAnne Fredrikson. 


YankeeQuilter said...

Interesting that the two are so similar. At our guild show we hang like quilts together...particularly if they were from a workshop or guild event. This year we are even putting "guild inspired project" badges on the quilts to show the benefit of being part of a guild.

Anonymous said...

The quilting really is different, and I don't know which I like better. I think maybe the quilting in lines and circles on the right, though the pantograph she used in the one on the left really isn't one that jumps out as a pantograph. It's easier to make comparisons when they are hung together, but I like seeing them hung separately to be able to appreciate both, and not to get bored with a design.

eva said...

separated at birth indeed, they are so very similar.... and lovely!! thanks for sharing them.

Hilda said...

Hey Sophie,Thanks for the great pictures. Yeah, I was really surprised to see such a similar quilt to mine in the show as well. I keep trying to not do pantos, but always fall back to their comfort and reliability.

QuiltSwissy said...

i like seeing similar quilts together. However, I think that the makers should state the origin of the quilt. At QuiltCon this year there were a number of similar quilts that all claimed to be "original" thoughts. But I recognized even more from books I have purchased.

I have the opinion that if your quilt is made from another's pattern, it is not original to you. Give credit.

Christa said...

I love to see similar quilts hang together. Great to see what a difference your color/fabric choice can make .... or the quilting .... or a border ... or or or. So much to learn. So many decisions.

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