Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Block Lotto Banner

( . . . or why there are so many pets in photos of quilts.)

This afternoon, I attempted to take a better photo of the recently completed banner quilt to add to the top of the Block Lotto blog  . . . and Grace Hopper "helped."

Grace Hopper "Helping"

The plan was that I'd put the long skinny banner on the floor and then use a ladder to get far enough above to take a photo with no distortion. When Grace wandered over and sniffed the freshly laundered quilt spread on the floor I expected her to lay on it and I was thinking I'd take one of those cute quilt photos–you know the ones where you can see the whole quilt and there's a cute animal in there, too. . . instead she pushed the banner  out of the way, stretched out on the bare concrete floor and offered herself up as an alternate model for my photographic effort.

She does add some scale, I suppose. The finished banner is 12-1/4 x 50 inches.

I love how the pets in our lives have an uncanny way of putting themselves wherever they perceive the focus of our attention. I suppose the only real surprise today was that Grace's brother, Johnny, isn't also in the frame . . .

Even if I can't take a decent photo of it, I'm happy with the way this funny little special purpose quiltlet turned out.  It's so soft and has such a nice drape that I could imagine wearing it as the geekiest ever scarf.

I like the look of the plaid binding fabric that I found in my stash and I think it crinkled just enough after it was washed.

Quilting Detail

You can see the slightly distorted photo of the entire little quiltlet at the top of the Block Lotto blog.


lj_cox said...

What a wonderful photo of Grace! That should go on the Block Lotto Blog, at least very early in April, if you know what I mean.

I really like the quilting on the banner, BTW, it suits it and is festive and springy, if that makes sense.

sophie said...

Linda, i love that idea. Thanks for your kind comments on the quilting. It's been FOREVER since I actually quilted anything and it was so much fun wrapping that stencil around my words ... once I got started.

Christine Thresh said...

Grace arranged the banner purrrrfectly.

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