Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Recently, Bonnie and Judy have been blogging about copyrights and how it feels to have their free designs stolen and repackaged for commercial use.

Walkway to the Convention Center When I was in Houston, I couldn't help but take a few photos of the infamous carpet at the Hilton, subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit by quilter Paula Nadelstern. The carpet designs were taken without permission from her book, Kaleidescopes & Quilts.

The Kaleidescopes appeared in the carpet on the main floors, artfully wrapped around the escalators, in between the elevators and on the walkway to the convention center.

Kaleidescopes wrapped around the escalator

This carpet and the lawsuit it prompted is an interesting copyright story with a happy ending–the lawsuit was settled on October 5, 2006 in Paula's favor. Couristan, who produced the carpet, features it on their site and credits Paula's kaleidescopes as the design inspiration.

Carpet Kaleidescope


Hedgehog said...

I've heard this story before and am glad that the story had a happy ending. I'd never seen the carpets in question, though - thanks so much for sharing your photos!!

The Calico Cat said...

& that happy ending was....

sophie said...

. . . lawsuit settled in favor of the artist. (I edited my post to include that critical tidbit).

Rian said...

Very interesting.

I was unaware of this lawsuit. Walking over this carpet several times last week, Debra and I remarked how it looked like Paula Nadelstern had had a hand in it.

Right on, Paula!

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