Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Taking Photos

I take a lot of photos at quilt shows–I took more than 1000 at the Interntional Quilt Festival in Houston last week. Here is Hollis Chatelain and her Best of Show quilt, Hope for Our World, at the preview Wednesday night.

Hope for Our World

This quilt was always surrounded by a crowd, whether Hollis was present or not. On Sunday morning, I was surprised to find a clear shot and was able to take a clear, almost square photo, a pole with lighting directly in front of it was the only thing in my way.

Hope for Our World

The dye painting element of the quilt is done in shades of purple ONLY. All other color you see comes from the incredible quilting. There are quilts that I could look at forever. This is one. Because time is limited at any quilt show and there are many quilts I wish I could stand and stare at longer . . . I take photos. Here are some detail photos from Hope for Our World.

Detail from Hope for Our World Detail from Hope for Our World

Detail from Hope for Our World Detail from Hope for Our World

I'm organizing and labelling my photos from Houston and hope to be able to share them soon.


Micki said...

Hollis' quilt is amazing. Thanks for sharing the photos.
And thank you for visiting my blog and for the info on felting and the nice comment on my piece.

Sheri said...

Simply beautiful!!

Rian said...

Hollis said all the grasses are quilted. She said how much thread she used but I don't remember. It was in the tens of thousands of yards. Or do they quote thread in feet. I'm so bad with numbers.

Sophie, you must email me your address so I can send you that FQ of hand dyed fabric!

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