Monday, November 12, 2007

Beauty in the Details

From Mamaw's Puzzle by Valli Schiller, Naperville, Illinois.

Details from Mamaw's Puzzle

From On the Wings of a Dream by Ana Buzzalino, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Detail from On the Wings of a Dream

From F2 - A Colonial History, by Diane Sehorne, Round Rock, Texas.

Detail from FY2 - A Colonial History

These quilts are from the Traditional Pieced category of Quilts: A world of Beauty at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, 2007. You can see the rest of my photos of selected quilts in this category on Flickr, tagged Traditional Pieced.

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Rian said...

Hollis remarked (something to the effect of), "When you go to an art museum you stand back to look at the piece, but when quilters look at quilts, they want to get their face right up to the quilt." We love to see the details. We want to figure out how the artist did what he/she did. We want to appreciate the perfection of the stitching because we know how difficult it is to achieve.

Speaking of perfection, those concentric circles in the bottom one are perfect--and VERY difficult to achieve.

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