Thursday, November 01, 2007

Priority Alzheimers at Houston

Project Allzheimers Booth

When I walked past the Priority: Alzhemier booth during the preview of the International Quilt Festival, I had to stop and see if any of the quilts made by the group were there.

Almost immediately, I saw one of Pat's quilts.

Pat's Luna Moth for Project Alzheimers

One of the ladies working there told me that her other quilt had just sold. Then she looked at my badge and asked, "Didn't you win a quilt last month?" She was right. I bought Amy's wonderful quilt, The Ties That Bind.


Sheri said...

Hi Sophie
Pat's quilt is gorgeous.

Mama Spark said...

You were at Houston? You lucky dog you. I am very jealous!!

Christine Thresh said...

Thank you for taking photos in Houston. I posted a link to "Our Woman in Houston" today on my blog.

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